Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drink of the Day (abridged)

As I had a bit of a rough, uneventful hangover day, I'm going to keep this post short and sweet. Today's drink of the day is:

Lipovitan D
Lipovitan D

Lipovitan D is not new, if you've heard me talk about Japan. I love this stuff. It's a "nutrient drink" produced by Taisho Pharmaceutical Company. It's basically an energy drink that tastes a little like medicine. Other products by Taisho Pharma include RiUP hair-growth treatment, the hangover remedy Balancer Ichoyaku, and a laxative called Colac. They're big in Japan. You can get Lipovitan in the States, but it is not the same as the Japanese formula. Here are some ingredients from the bottle:

Lipovitan Ingredients

taurine - 1000mg
nicotine acid extract - 20mg
vitamin B1 - 5mg
vitamin B2 - 5mg
vitamin B6 - 5mg
caffeine - 50mg

Yeah. Lipovitan is great. It warns on the side, however, not to consume more that one bottle (100mL) per day. So I haven't. Yet.

On a side note, Rokuda-san told me that he is good friends with the Vice President of Capcom Japan, and that we three should go golfing together. Capcom, for those who are unaware, make some of the best games in the world. Mega Man, Street Fighter, Resident Evil... Awesome.


Anonymous said...

Cool stuff, son. I hope it is all that you dreamed....and much more. All my love, Dad

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